So Much Writing, So Little Time!

That was an unnecessarily dramatic blog post title, but it’s partly true; I am doing a lot of writing these days in a short span of time, and I love it. A little over five months ago, I launched my passion project, The Globe Getter. It’s a travel blog aimed at the working professional to show that it’s possible to see the world without winning the lottery or quitting your job. Not that there’s anything wrong with winning the lottery and quitting your job, but it was all I saw in the travelsphere, so much so that I decided to write about it: I Did Not Quit My Job to Travel the World.

Since starting my travel blog, my writing has ramped up for all of the outlets I freelance for: Yahoo Travel, Huffington Post, Travel Noire and It’s been a great way of combining my love of writing with travel and getting a few perks out of it.

I write all of this to say there’s a reason I don’t write any blog posts on this site anymore. If you’re looking to read some blog posts from me, head hereand enjoy. I promise it’s worth it.

The Globe Getter - Tausha Cowan