Getting Out of Our Own Way: The Self-Guided Education Manifesto

I love a good manifesto. I find it to be the perfect combination of motivation and inspiration that pushes you forward, as long as you try to abide by it. As for my favorite manifestos, I have long been a fan of the Holstee Manifesto and, more recently, the manifesto of startup/resource/life philosophy Live in the Grey.

Today I came across a new one to add to the collection: the self-guided education manifesto. Discovered on a friend’s tumblr (and reblogged from Skillshare), this manifesto focuses on learning and exploring, not in the traditional sense but in a way that’s potentially much more powerful. It reminds me of a quote from a conference I went to a few weeks ago, in which the keynote speaker—actor, director and comedian Robert Townsend—said:

“With true innovation, people get out of their own way.”

Getting out of our own way. Or (referencing back to the self-guided education manifesto) seeking out different ways of doing things, trying every medium and not assuming anything. Who knows where these actions could lead?